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Virus Transport Medium
– with flocked swab (optional)

Sample device

Components of the kit
  • Uniquely barcoded sampling tube filled with
    ATM-1 virus transport medium
  • Sterile otolaryngeal flocked swab

Molecular biological assays are performed on the pharyngeal specimen in order to identify clear viral sequences specific to the SARS CoV-2 virus that causes the current COVID-19 epidemic.

A throat swab specimen is taken from the patient, which – in case of an infected patient – contains viruses.The sample is placed in a collection tube, which inactivates the virus, therefore it immediately loses its capability to infect during transport and sample handling, while stabilizing the RNA for up to 96 hours to provide a safer and more efficient workflow for molecular diagnostic purposes, testing and sequencing.

Non-invasive sampling does not require blood taking involved in the process.

  • The traditional virus transport medium seeks to keep the virus alive, and therefore it must be frozen for more than 24 hours of storage. This all degrades the quality of the hereditary material, as the RNA of viruses that get destroyed over time is not stabilized in the solution. Our product, on the other hand, immediately destroys viruses and stabilizes the hereditary material in them. Furthermore, our virus transport medium does not need to be frozen during transport and storage.
  • In case of ATM1, the sample can be transferred directly from the vial to the RNA binding column without preparation, and therefore it is faster to extract RNA from it compared to the VTM of other transport mediums available on the market.

Legal background within the European Union

Free Sales Certificate

The National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition hereby certifies, that on the basis of information provided, the medical device(s) names below and detailed in the attachment (if applicable), which is/are manufactured by the above economic operator, has/have been affixed with the CE mark under the Directive 98/79/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on in vitro diagnostic medical devices and/or the Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices (as amended) which was transposed into Hungarian national law (decree No. 8/2003. (III. 13) of the Ministry of Health, Social and Family Affairs on in vitro diagnostic medical devices and/or decree No. 4/2009 (III. 17) of the Ministry of Health on medical devices, as amended, may be freely sold in all member states of the European Economic Area (EEA) including Hungary.

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