Competitive advantages of our coronavirus diagnostic system

  • Inactivates viruses
    they immediately get destroyed in the sampling tube
  • The entire sample can be applied to the purification column
  • Safe transport and storage
    no need to freeze
  • Stabilizes RNA for up to 96 hours
    provides a safer and much more efficient workflow for molecular diagnostic purposes, testing, and sequencing
  • The sampling fluid prepares the sample for the PCR
  • Results within an hour
  • RNA purification within 10 minutes
  • Fast PCR within 49 minutes
  • Compatible with the standard procedure
    however, the combined use of all 3 reagents is recommended
  • Outstanding sensitivity – based on recent measurements our PCR reagent’s sensitivity is up to an order of magnitude higher than the sensitivity of other, competing products

Have a look at our coronavirus testing products below!

Our screening recommendations for companies

Recommended screening protocol for coronavirus testing


Coronavirus diagnostic system ensuring safe handling and transportation

Diagnostic system for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 infection

Virus Transport Medium
with flocked swab

Sampling device

Viral RNA Extraction kit


SARS-CoV-2 Quantification Kit


SARS-CoV-2 Quantification Kit


Why to choose our coronavirus diagnostic system
  • The advantage of our coronavirus diagnostic system over immunological rapid tests on blood samples is that it can also detect an incipient infection to which the immune system has not yet responded.
  • The sampling product itself has a strict IVD (in-vitro diagnostic medical devices) certificate.
  • The process is safe and the kit is easy to use.
  • The sampling device does not conserve the viruses but kills them immediately while preserving the RNA for up to 96 hours.
  • By using our reagent kits together, the entire process can take 1 hour less time compared to reagent kits and PCR reagents sold by other manufacturers.

If you have further questions about the products themselves, please do not hesitate to send us an email to

Diagnostic system for the detection of Covid-19 infection


Meet the group of experts behind our coronavirus diagnostic system

We are a Hungary based company called Avidin Ltd. with our main activity of research and experimental development on biotechnology. We were established in 2002 and have carried out various successful international projects, drug discoveries since then.

In 2019 with the appearance of Covid-19 it was no question that we have to start our research and develop a coronavirus diagnostic system and by that help fight the pandemic in our communities. By this, we not only contribute to the health maintenance of our fellow colleagues and human beings, but we also consider our products as assets to help restore certain economic activities.

After months of research and testing, our coronavirus diagnostic system is ready to help other people, companies, and nations.

Behind every product, there is a dedicated team that is also ready to answer all your questions you may have with regard to the results.


Dear Madam or Sir,

You can find the laboratory report in the attachment of the email you received. The 9 character password to open the attached findings consists of the last 5 digits of your identity card number (either the Hungarian social security card id number if it was given during the sampling, or otherwise the given identity card number), the last 2 digits of your year of birth and the 2 digits of your month of birth without any spaces.

Professional reasons for applying the Influenza A/B and/or coronavirus testing protocol

According to our professional recommendation, the dual, combined screening is the safest and most effective tool when it comes to Influenza A/B and/or coronavirus testing. In practice, this means the combined use of the standard PCR (polymerase chain reaction) diagnostic method and the serological rapid test. This is necessary for a result with 99+% certainty, because the standard PCR diagnostic method only detects the direct presence of the virus (i.e. not whether the patient has previously been infected), while the serological rapid test is not capable to detect it in the first 5 days counting from the virus entering the body. We also recommend periodic screening in order to allow only proven non- infectious personnel to re-enter work, thus minimizing the risk of further spread of the virus. Moreover, our special ATM-1 Virus Transport Medium inactivates the virus, and therefore transportation and processing are safe as well.


  • Store and transport the sample holding tube protected from light,
    between +18 and +25 °C.
  • Do not use the product(s) after the expiration date.
  • Use protective gloves and glasses during the procedure.
  • In case you experience crystallization, do not use the sample holder.
  • Do the sampling immediately after waking up in the morning,
    ensuring a calm state beforehand.
  • Do not drink, eat, smoke or brush teeth before sampling.
  • Make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before
  • Use the product(s) with dry hands.
  • Ensure a sterile environment – however, there is no blood taking
    involved in the process.



In case you are interested in our coronavirus screening products or have any professional or shipping related questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts by sending us an email to ( or filling out the contact form below.

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    6726 HUNGARY